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    Frequently Asked Questions

Is 6.2 a traditional consultancy?

Sometimes, we prefer to educate and train organisations on the process for design thinking and brand-led innovation. Whilst we have spent the majority of our time-solving problems for organisations, we prefer to teach you how to solve your pwn problems and develop the internal capability to innovate like a start-up.

What is 62U?

62U has been in the making for over 3 years now, taken from our experience with leading brands through the innovation process, 62U is a tool kit for teaching organisations of all sizes how to innovate and grow. The hub focuses on content to help you train and develop skills required for a disruptive future, helping you chart a steady course through shifting markets.

How much does an engagement with 6.2 usually cost?

Every project starts with a round the table discussion. We aim to reframe the problem listed in the brief and focus on setting up the project path for success. Each project starts at $3000 and costs are directly related to the complexity of the problem and resources required to help solve it. We focus on quality and speed, ensuring internal issues are resolved as a matter or urgency, costs are also reflective of time frames.

How do we apply for 6.2 DISRUPTION?

6.2 Disruption is an annual event in collaboration with White Spaces. All applications for the event are to be submitted through http://unclutteredwhitespaces.com/dusruption

Can we conduct small-scale projects?

Sure not a problem, we prefer small, fast workshops where we move to outcomes quickly with small, iterative stages. We work on projects of any size, they always start at $3000.

How can the 6.2 Academy Help Us?

The 6.2 academy provide workshops and training. We aim to teach you how to work through issues and develop internal capability for innovation. The Academy sessions start at $2750 for 5 people and incur a further cost of $390 per head up to 10 people.

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